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I’m a diverse writer with a cinematic flair living in the Pacific Northwest.  I grew up in the middle of the Oregon sand dunes in a small Stephen King-esque town. I have a B.S. of Fine Arts from the University of Oregon and a J.D. from Lewis & Clark Law. My strongest literary influences are Philip K. Dick, William S. Burroughs, Hunter S. Thompson, and Gumby. My favorite movie is Jeunet’s Amelie.  My favorite television series is The X-Files. I value experiences over possessions. That said, my tea collection is bigger than yours.

Published Work:

“The Hot House” (short story) Women Writing the Weird II (Doghorn Publishing), available here.

“Nice Lipstick” (short story) currently at Thunderdome Magazine. Originally printed in Alien Sloth Sex #12.

“Birthday Boy” (short story)  currently available in Fossil Lake III: Unicornado! (Fossil Lake Press, 2016)

“Bitchin’ Vans & Bloody Hippies”  (short story) Thunderdome Magazine Story nominated for a Pushcart Prize! If you want to hear some nice things about the story,  Booked. Podcast had some kind words for it.

“The Fix” (short story) originally published at Solarcide Magazine. Available now as a feature story at Thunderdome Magazine.

“Sick Ticket” (short story) available in the anthology In Search of a City: Los Angeles in 1000 Words (Thunderdome Press, 2011). To hear lots of nice things about this book and my story listen to the Booked. Podcast review of this book and The Bill Show interview with editor/author Michael Gonzalez.

“The Tube Top Shebop Tang Yeah Woo” (short story) Thunderdome Magazine. Also Booked. Podcast discusses my story along with some other stories from Thunderdome’s Tarot Card collection. you can find it here.

“King Neptune Sucks Off the World’s Largest Potato!” (short story) originally printed in Nova Parade (Solarcide Press)available at here. Booked. Podcast reviewed this anthology June 29th, 2012 and is available here. Reprinted in Fireside Popsicles (Fireside Press).

“Succubus in the Attic” (short story) Available with illustrations by Brandon Duncan at Backlit Zine Issue 0. Also read by burlesque performer and model Sauda Namir for her Bedtime Stories series, available here.

“The Wetlands Are Burning” (short story)  Imperial Youth Review Issue 1, (Dog Horn Publishing, 2012).

“Smoke Winding Through Petrichor” (song lyrics), David Tibet/Current 93 anthology Mighty in Sorrow (Dynatox Ministries, 2013). You can find it here.

“Children of the Wetlands” (short story) Booked. Podcast Charity Anthology. (Von Media, 2013) Also available at Amazon in paperback and Kindle.

“Terror in the House of Broken Belles” (short story) Giallo Fantastique (Worde Horde, 2015). Available at Amazon as well as B&N and other retailers. Reviews of collection by Publishers Weekly, Horror Fiction Review, and Muzzleland Press. Translated into Russian at Darker Magazine, which can be found here.

“The Want Hearts, the Need Needs”  (short story) Pantheon Magazine: Nyx (Vol 8, 2015).Available in print or online.

“11:00” (short story) The Leaves of a Necronomicon (Chaosium, forthcoming).

“…:::THIS IS A TEST:::…” (short story) (This is a Secret).

“Bleak Horse” (short story) Strange Aeons Magazine #18 (2015).

“Abomination Abbey” (short story) The Frankenstein Experiment (Rothco Press, forthcoming).

The Challenge From Beyond (Round Robin author)  HP Lovecraft Film Festival limited edition souvenir book only available as part of Kickstarter campaign HERE.

Black Box Revelation (Band interview, co-authored with Britt Guerlain) available online at Crappy Indie Music Blog.

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