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Hello Friends,

Nikki here! I publish through my company Stasis House. My work is widely available so keep an eye out for my books wherever you prefer to get them. The following is a sort of privacy notice and statement of my operating philosophy. I value your privacy as much as I value my own. I do not use my website to track you or collect your data. What I will do here is share news about my new releases, my whereabouts, and other bits and bobs. On the main page is a link where you can sign up for my newsletter, if you like. You can also follow me as an author on your favorite reading platform (which is personally what I do for my favorite authors). Thank you so much for reading this and I hope you have a fabulous day!

Stasis House LLC

4931 SW 76th Ave #109

Portland, OR 97225

Click here to be directed to Stasis House

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