HP Lovecraft Film Festival!!!

Hey everyone! The Kickstarter for special swag and tickets is live for the festival. Some of the packages contain a special limited edition souvenir book called The Challenge From Beyond. Each year a handful of writers are asked to participate in this round robin book. This year I am one of those authors AND IT IS JUICY!!! So get on it before it’s over! 13 days as of today! You can find the Kickstarter page for that HERE. I had a lot of fun with this. Bet you can guess which section I did! Bwahahahaha! I will be at the festival so feel free to pull me over and say hi and if you want my ugly hearts scrawled all over its pages, I will be happy to oblige.

Also, I want to encourage you to pair this festival with the most recent Nick Mamatas novel I Am Providence. I do believe it would compliment and extend your beautiful HPLFF experience. It can be found at Barnes & Noble but it’s super inexpensive at Amazon last time I checked. Link for that bit of awesomeness is HERE.

Many thanks to the warm and welcoming HPLFF crowd and crew. WE MAKE ALL THE AWESOMES HAPPEN TOGETHER! xoxox N







Radiocast on Women Writing Horror

Hey there! I recently was a guest on World of Ink. We discuss all sorts of interesting things. Session is archived and you can reach it here. Was loads of fun. Will be doing more radio for sure!

Cheers, N

Gamut Magazine Kickstarter Live

Hello everyone! I’m helping launch a really cool magazine called Gamut Magazine. You can find the campaign here. It’s right up my alley and, if you’re following along with me, it’s right up your alley too. Topnotch talent has already signed on (including muah!). Anyhow, I hope you’ll give it a gander. You know how I’m always trying to test and expand the boundaries of any genre I write in–Gamut it pretty much about this. In any case, the writing will be amazing. To boot, if you sign up at the annual subscription through Kickstarter you’ll get it for $30/yr for as long as you renew (rather than the $60/yr). I really really REALLY hope this campaign succeeds so please do whatever you can to help make this happen–even if it’s just sharing the campaign. Loads of love to you. xo N

Word Horde Interview Live

Hello everyone! I recently did an interview for Word Horde. You can find it here. Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving. I will be frantically banging out words and stuffing food in my face. See you on the flipside! xoxox N

Quick Update

Ack ack! It’s been forever since I swooped in here and told you all what’s what and all of that! Things are well but busy. Hopefully some new announcements are coming soon. In the meantime, if you want to hang soonish or just say hi I will be:

  1. visiting the BF in NYC September 25-27
  2. attending the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival Oct 2-4 in Portland
  3. attending The Stanley Hotel Writers Retreat Oct 22-26 in Estes Park, Colorado
  4. attending Bizarro Con Nov 5-8 in Troutdale, OR (Edgefield)
  5. (likely) attending Living Dead Con Nov 13-15
  6. visiting the BF in NYC Dec 10-13

Hope all is well and I look forward to seeing you!

“The Want Hearts, the Need Needs”to be released at Pantheon Magazine!

“The Want Hearts, the Need Needs” will be released this summer in Pantheon Magazine’s “Goddess Nyx” issue. It will be accompanied by a custom illustration. The story will be released online then compiled for a quarterly print edition. I’m so happy with this piece. So happy that the minute I finished I knew I had to write a whole book around the story. So I hope you’ll check it out when it releases and if you’d like to see more–I’m likely working on that!

Giallo Fantastique is out now!

My story “Terror in the House of Broken Belles” is available now in the beautiful, creepy anthology Giallo Fantastique, edited by Ross Lockhart, put out by Word Horde. It’s available all over the place but here’s a quick link to it on Amazon. One of my favorite projects I’ve ever been invited to partake in, for sure! It’s getting great reviews everywhere, including Publisher’s Weekly!

Heading to World Horror Con!

I will be in Atlanta from the 5th-12th for the conference. I’m on a Bizarro Panel Friday May 8 from 11-noon. I will also be attending the mass signing. There will be copies of Giallo Fantastique in the dealer’s room. Hope to see you there!!!

Cheers, N

New Subscription Service Available

Hey there,

Starting January 2015, I will begin publishing a diary via Patreon. It will be more intimate than a blog, my own special combo of traditional diary, confession, and fantasy. While it won’t be free, I’ve set the lowest level of access to entries at $1/month to make it more widely available to people. Anyhow, there’s plenty of my stuff for free online but if you would like to be part of this, my Patreon link is here. It’ll be a great venue for me to share with you my flights of fancy as well as sneak peeks of upcoming work coming out through traditional publishing.

Cheers & much love,


Bizarro Con 2014 Nov 14-17

I will be attending Bizarro Con for my third year in a row. If you’re attending too come find me and we’ll have a drink! I look forward to seeing you all ❤