Two ai-based writing tools i use

Over the years I’ve tried many times to dictate using Dragon software but I always got really frustrated with it and quit. But I really want to dictate all of my first drafts because I hate typing, I can speak faster than I can type, and I really want to save my wrists and back from injury as I get older. I’ve recently found a program that works for me, and with some guidance from author Danielle Norman and her Facebook Group “Dictation for Authors,” I am now dictating my first drafts with (ai= artificial intelligence). Basically, you just dictate what you want to write, incorporating a few phrase cues you’ll use to “find and replace” later on in Google or Word. While there is a very generous free option, I bought the Pro plan after a week of having the free plan so I could record longer sessions without having to start a new recording and have more minutes a month since I’m aiming to dictate hours at a time on a regular basis to do all of my first drafts via

The second ai tool I am using is ProwritingAid. It’s an advanced grammar, punctuation, style, plagiarism+ checker that I use within Google Docs or Word. It’s like having another editor. Last May I bought the lifetime membership because I prefer to buy something once if I have the option. In any case, it saves you a lot of money if you get cleaner drafts at the end.

I recommend the above ai tools for both fiction and non-fiction authors. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that Google Docs changed my life. While it is not an ai tool, it works beautifully with ProwritingAid and As a last note, I can’t recommend enough the Facebook group I mentioned before. It’s how I learned how to dictate with Thank you Danielle!

Dictation for Authors Facebook Group:

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