my basic supplement routine

I get asked a lot about my supplement regiment. It makes sense. I mean, as you get older, the consequences for what you do show up more readily in your body, and I know I’m not the only one hoping that throwing things down my trap might work in a positive rather than negative manner. As I’ve explicitly said before, I’m not a doctor or a nutritionist, rather a 44 year old author who has experimented, and continues to experiment a lot to improve my body and mind. The supplements I mention are ones I take regularly. I’m fairly particular about brands, but please do find what works best for you. Consult with your (hopefully) educated doctor. Most expensive is not always the best and most of what I take is rather cheap for the benefit I get.


Vegan Vitamin D3. I’m not vegan but I’ve found that all the supplements that aren’t lichen or plant based give me bad anxiety and heart palpitations even at lower doses. I’ve talked to others who have had this reaction as well. Who knows? In any case, I’ve found a cheap vegan supplement that keeps my bones from hurting and all the other things that happen when mine is low. I live in the Pacific NW where it rains a lot and I stay inside mostly even during the summer.

Melatonin. I have an abnormal sleep schedule that works well for me, and I’ve suffered from insomnia ever since I was little. I’ve tried many different brands of melatonin at various doses and have found a brand that works the best for me. I take it before I jump into bed to read for a couple hours. I’ve been doing this for a few years and it’s made a really big difference as I’m terrible about using my phone in bed. Also, it seems to have improved my complexion whereas some melatonin actually made me break out.

Every other day:

Multi-vitamin: I eat a very nutritious animal based diet because that is what makes me feel vital. I’ve tried many ways of eating. In any case, while I don’t find it completely necessary, I do take a multi-vitamin a few days a week as a sort of insurance policy and have not suffered for doing so. I take a vitamin formulated for women and love the brand. They also do a men’s version with less iron etc.

Omega-3 supplement. I originally started taking these to help with my dry eyes and because I don’t eat fish as often as I used to. Overall, my skin is less dry too. The only reason I take it every other day is that I’ve found that for my use it works for what I want it to taking it less and also it seems like I bruise more if I take it every day.

Iron. I’ve only found one supplement that I tolerate that very quickly increases my iron count. It is animal based. I started taking it every other day after I read that absorption could be increased by not taking it every day, and I personally noticed no symptoms of anemia after cutting it back. I should say, that I eat quite a bit of meat but still experienced anemia.

Marine Collagen. I add Marine collagen to a cup of bouillon (broth) with cream or half ‘n’ half about three times a week. I use Marine, even though it’s more expensive the than beef or chicken because the marine based collagen doesn’t make me burp or give me gas and it doesn’t really have a taste so it’s perfect for mixing into tea or broth etc. I don’t drink coffee anymore or I would probably do that too. I just really love the creamy broth! I take collagen because I mostly eat muscle meat and don’t get much tendon. Since starting collagen a few years ago, my body pops and cracks less, my joints don’t ache, and my skin seems more supple even though I am advancing well into my 40’s. Like most things, the reason I don’t take it every day is because I found that happy place where I take less and still see all of the benefit. Also, it is kind of spendy so I don’t really want to waste it. I will obviously up my intake if I need to as my age progresses and symptoms arise. That’s it, for now!



Vegan D3:



Marine Collagen:


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