foot & bodycare

I don’t use a lot of products on my body. I don’t even use body wash in the shower. Maybe you need to but the shampoo that comes off of me while washing my hair, or simply soaking in a bath of warm water seems to cleanse my skin just fine. As with my basic skin routine, one of my goals is skin turnover to keep my skin as fresh and new as possible. To do this, once a week I will use a lotion with acids in it. I rotate through a couple different brands based what’s on sale or what I just happen to have. I’m not too picky but I’ve tried quite a few that didn’t do anything for me, so I stick to what I’ve found effective. Other than that, I don’t use lotion regularly but if my skin just needs moisture or is very tender I will use a regular lotion without heavy duty acids. For the regular lotion, I’ve used so many that do the job just fine but I have one that is my favorite by far and I don’t use anything else regularly. Finally, for my feet, I put an acid based lotion on my feet every other day because they can use it and don’t get irritated like the other skin on my body. And if I feel like pampering myself or my feet are really calloused, I will use one of those feet booty masks that make your skin peel like a week later. I’m not particular at all about the brand of foot masks as every one that’s I’ve used has worked just fine. Links below are things I use right now and have for a long time. Be careful with lotions with acids in them. Always be gentle. You want to stimulate, not destroy.

Regular Lotion:

Mountain Ocean:

Acid Lotions:

KP Duty:

Foot Peel:

Foot Mask Booties:

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. The links above are affiliate links. I may earn a small commission from you clicking on my links. All products I link to are ones I personally use. All opinions in this post are my own. I hope you find my suggestions helpful and I very much appreciate the clicks. Thank you!

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