masks & physical exfoliants

As mentioned in my previous post, My Basic Skincare Routine, that is where I get the most bang for my buck. It gets me to 90% or more of where I want to be with my skin. But in addition to my basic routine, a couple times a week I will use a mask or a physical exfoliant if my skin is shedding extra or it needs more moisture. If it doesn’t, I leave it alone. The only exception to that is if I want to have a spa day or relax, then I will throw on a gentle sheet mask. I will discuss in a different post any medical or in-office treatments I get. I don’t do a lot of them but I find them extremely beneficial, but not necessary.

Exfoliating. My philosophy around skincare is to always be gentle to my skin. I take CARE of it. My goal is skin cell turnover and protection. As mentioned in my previous post, the retinoids take care of the cell turnover. Sometimes that means that I shed my skin more and it needs to be taken off with more than a gentle cleansing–which is where physical exfoliants come into my routine. As usual, I will list a few I rotate through for the sake of variety but all work for my skin. The key is to be gentle with your skin. Make sure your skin is cleansed and wet then use a small amount of the product you choose and do a gentle massage of your face. Luxuriate in this. Take your time. Relax. It should feel good, not hurt or burn. Only use these when you’re sloughing off skin or your skin feels dull, and always be GENTLE. I’m sorry to repeat myself, but it’s really important.

Masks. Using something I don’t need is not good for my skin and it’s a waste of money, but sometimes my skin needs more moisture and I don’t want to weigh it down with a heavier moisturizer, so after I do my BASIC PM routine, I will apply a thin layer of an overnight mask. I do this more in the colder months than the warmer months. In the warmer months, or when moisture isn’t needed as badly, I put a sheet mask on after my AM routine and forgo makeup. I can’t describe to you how much pleasure I get from using sheet masks while I write or zone out on a new tv series. And it’s totally cheap if you want it to be.

In closing, it’s hard not to fixate on your skin, especially your face, especially when you’re stressed out because everything seems out of control. But you’re not with regards to your skin, and beating the crap out of it then throwing everything at it is going to make it worse and make you feel helpless. You need to get out of your own way and really look at what your skin is doing now. And, yes, see a doctor for any issues you have which you can’t resolve, but I know not everyone can. I also know that my skin is affected by my diet just as much if not more than what I do or don’t put on it. I’m happy to post about my experiences with regards to food, but I’m not a doctor or nutritionist, and even if I was, the average advice by them is total crap when it comes to my body. Always, always listen to your body. Don’t keep beating yourself up if something is not working. Not everything has to hurt. It took me many years to realize this. Below are links to a few of the items I use regularly. Take care and be gentle.




Skin & Co:


Clinique (overnight):


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