Yes, I Am Off Social Media

I am currently restructuring my life in a multitude of ways. Off with anything that doesn’t move me in the direction I would like to see and am working in. Part of this entails new ventures and a revamping of this space as a writing resource. I have much in the works and look forward to sharing it with you. It’s a long process. While I have professionals aiding me, I am largely learning as I go along so as to maintain control and have the ability to bring my many dreams to fruition–so, yeah, trust and value the experts, but never fear having to learn, never fear what you have to do to build your tool box. In an age where everything changes and updates on an hourly basis, the only true experts of anything are people who keep learning and moving–experts in learning. I hope everyone is as well as one can be. Times are dark but there are many kind people fighting against this–don’t let the soulsucks rob you of this and any peace or enjoyment you are able to carve out. Much Love, N

P.S. Vote progressive.

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