HP Lovecraft Film Festival!!!

Hey everyone! The Kickstarter for special swag and tickets is live for the festival. Some of the packages contain a special limited edition souvenir book called The Challenge From Beyond. Each year a handful of writers are asked to participate in this round robin book. This year I am one of those authors AND IT IS JUICY!!! So get on it before it’s over! 13 days as of today! You can find the Kickstarter page for that HERE. I had a lot of fun with this. Bet you can guess which section I did! Bwahahahaha! I will be at the festival so feel free to pull me over and say hi and if you want my ugly hearts scrawled all over its pages, I will be happy to oblige.

Also, I want to encourage you to pair this festival with the most recent Nick Mamatas novel I Am Providence. I do believe it would compliment and extend your beautiful HPLFF experience. It can be found at Barnes & Noble but it’s super inexpensive at Amazon last time I checked. Link for that bit of awesomeness is HERE.

Many thanks to the warm and welcoming HPLFF crowd and crew. WE MAKE ALL THE AWESOMES HAPPEN TOGETHER! xoxox N







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