Just a Little Update!

Lots of things happening… but first, a bunch of my online work is going to come down in the next month or two so it can go into print. So if you want to give it a gander before is does make sure to go under the Bio & Links tab and click on what you want to before it’s gone!  There will be two pieces of mine coming out shortly. “Succubus in the Attic” will be released in a new Heavy Metal Mag on Halloween, further details coming soon. And, “The Wetland’s Are Burning” will be out in the first issue of Imperial Youth Review in November or so. I’ll let you guys know when they release a specific date on that. It’s a cool British sort of Anti-New Yorker mag that I’m very proud to be involved in. Continuing with writing … I sold my first set of lyrics to Copeland Valley Press for the David Tibet/Current 93 tribute anthology Mighty in Sorrow. My song is called “Smoke Winding Through Petrichor” and it’ll be opening the anthology so that’s pretty exciting! It’ll be out in 2013 sometime. Other than that, I’m finishing up a story right now then taking a break for a month or so to finally finish the screenplay I’m writing with Ramsey! More people interested in it everyday and it’s pretty exciting. I can’t wait to share more news on that.

For any Portlanders out there: tonight I will be at the Mt Tabor Theater Lodge listening to Bear Crossing and awesome local band Knox Harrington. Entertainment starts at about 9:30pm or so. If you’re in the neighborhood come say hi. I’ll be the chick with the bright red hair and medusa head dress on! here’s a pic of me in my messy writing room. 🙂



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