Succubus in the Attic Just Went Live (Story of the Week)

It’ll only be up at Phantasmagorium until next Friday (7/13/12). After Friday the 13th it won’t be available until fall. The story itself has a disclaimer:

***STRONG CONTENT WARNING: If you would be offended by Georges Bataille, the Marquis de Sade, or most runs from Eraserhead Press, please run screaming to the nearest exit. Those with heart conditions, PTSD and most ailments of a startle-reflex nature also should not ride this ride.

     Now please hold onto the Safety Bar, and scream all you want … —ed.

It’s funny but very, very graphic. But hey, it’s a Two Dudes story so it’s all fun and games in the end. You can find the story here.

Bon Appetit! and spread the good word.



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