The Hot House & Other Naughty Bits of News

Just a quick note before I can elaborate further. Some tidbits of news:

“The Hot House” just launched Phantasmagorium’s new weekly fiction series. This is an amazing piece of flash fic I wrote, gothic style, under 600 words. Intense. If you can, give it a read and show your support of Phantasmagorium. Cool things are coming!

Booked. Podcast reviews/chats/has some chucks over “Fifty Shades of Gray.” If you don’t get enough of there Sluttylemon also talked about this book in one of my favorite podcasts of theirs.

The Lovecraft Festival in Portland, Oregon kicks off tomorrow and goes through Sunday. Good times.



UPDATE: “The Hot House” is no longer available through Phantasmagorium. However, it should find another home soon if you didn’t get a chance to read it when it was at Phantasmagorium.

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