King Neptune Sucks Off the World’s Largest Potato … and other news …

Well, it’s been a very busy last couple weeks. Of course,  not too busy to listen to the newest installment of Sluttylemon. So much fun. In other news …

I did a photo shoot for Bishop’s Barber Shop for an ad that will run at the back of The Portland Mercury and on Facebook. It should be up in 4-5 weeks. I will put a link up for it when it goes live.

I went to a writer’s group April 20th and that was stellar so it looks like I’ve a really good group of writers to hang and discuss work with. It seems like a good fit since they get my fucked up humor.

On the short story front, I took a break from “The Tube Top Shebop Tang Yea Woo” and started another short story called “King Neptune Sucks Off the World’s Largest Potato!” It’s another two dude adventure. It needs about two more drafts then it’ll be good to go. In this adventure my dudes crash a party at a bar called Hitler’s Bunker, located in the third ring of hell. Pretty exciting stuff.

On the workshop front, I just started a workshop with Bradley Sands and Garrett Cook. Great opportunity to connect with other weirdos and learn a thing or two. Guys, you don’t charge enough.

On the review end of things, Booked. Podcast gave a nice shout out to my short story “Bitchin’ Vans & Bloody Hippies” in their latest episode (#85). It’s always nice to hear kind words from really intelligent, cool people.

On the publishing front, my short story “Succubus in the Attic” will appear at Phantasmagorium. As well, my eight year old son has a story going there live too. Yes, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. But his is G rated while mine is definitely NC-17.

On the screenplay front, I’ve been going through all of my material for the script I’m cowriting with Ramsey Moore. I’m almost to the point of puking it out. Which pretty much is up to me to just crank out that first draft. I’m almost there! Thank god I work quickly. I also came up with a couple more really good movie ideas. Well, actually part of one started as my eight year old son’s idea then my partner got involved and well … it’s pretty frickin cool. It’s a spoof mash-up but played fairly straight. Of course, it’s fucked up and just for fun. Not going to break your heart with anything I write. But, I might make you pee your pants! I’m really excited about it. Can you tell? The other movie idea I had is a feelgood drama. You know, one of those tentpole things. Rated G. I know, right? I amaze myself sometimes.

Anyhow, creatively, I’m on fire.

For funzies, tonight, I’m going to The Lovecraft Bar in Portland for a Bizarro function called “Shatner Vs. Cthulhu” which looks pretty epic. So if you’re around you should join me for a drink.

Also, on the cool tshirt front, I just ordered some really cool ones from Skurvy Ink. They’re fucking rad. Among other things, I’m getting a Christmas Cthulhu tshirt! How awesome is that? Sam McCanna’s the man. Talented dude. And super cool.

Just a quick post to catch you up.


One thought on “King Neptune Sucks Off the World’s Largest Potato … and other news …

  1. Wanted to point out a typo. You said we’re both “really intelligent” and “cool”. That can’t be right! You left out handsome.

    Thanks for the mention, and the blog-rolling. We really dig your stuff, and are looking forward to reading more of it.

    Thanks again!

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