Xanadu and Cookies

Well, presently I’m still working on “The Tube Top She Bop Tang Yeah Woo” but I took a break to whip up my awesome gluten free chocolate chip cookies. You can find the recipe for those as well as for some uber delicious gluten free Banana Huckleberry Muffins right at Domestic Lobotomy.

On another story front, I started my Bizarro fiction class which might I say is starting off with a bang. So far I’ve already spent four hours compiling and researching for the story that so far includes Xanadu, Unicorns, a Cthulhu inspired Pirate/Gatekeeper to hell named Pig, The Big Rock Candy Mountain, and a watering hole/discotheque in the Third Ring of Hell called Hitler’s Bunker. What can I say? I’m completely inspired. Which is to say this new story has bogarted my soul. Good Times.


2 thoughts on “Xanadu and Cookies

  1. Thx Cath! The cookies are really extraordinary. Their texture is almost that of a lacy cookie. To die for for sure. Pig the Pirate Gatekeeper does have a certain ring to it! Thx for the encouragement. 🙂

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